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10 Desk Dividers and Privacy Shields for Classrooms

We know how important it is for students to be safe in their classroom environment and how this feeling contributes to learning. With a global pandemic still going on, desk dividers and privacy shields provide a duality of function for schools and health and safety procedures. All desk dividers below promote social distancing in the classroom and help keep students safe from the direct transfer of germs caused by sneezes and coughs.

10 Best Privacy & Acrylic Desk Divider Panels

Here we have our top 10 choices of desk dividers where you will find various styles and functions to ensure that your students have their own private workspaces. We considered all aspects of the classroom, such as classroom size, classroom activities, and budget.

  1. Frosted Acrylic Plexiglass Dividers (Our TOP PICK for acrylic dividers)
  2. Sneeze Guards Acrylic Divider Protection
  3. Classroom Privacy Shields
  4. Freestanding Clear Acrylic Desk Dividers
  5. Sneeze Guards for Desk or Table w/ Adhesive
  6. Easy to Disinfect Plastic Shields for Desk
  7. Really Good Stuff Standard Privacy Shields (Our TOP PICK for a privacy divider!)
  8. Teacher Created Resources
  9. ReFocus Acoustic RearDivider
  10. VEVOR Desk Divider

1. Frosted Acrylic Plexiglass Dividers

Frosted Acrylic Plexiglass Dividers

You will quickly find that you will love the mobility of these plexiglass dividers. Coming in a four-pack pack, you can quickly provide a physical barrier between students to provide a health-conscious classroom. If your goal is to have something durable, will help you enforce social distancing, and is easily cleaned, these are the perfect solution.

These dividers can be easily cleaned with disinfectant and a paper towel, promoting health and safety in your classroom. Because these dividers are translucent, students are given the privacy they require to work without being distracted by other things in the classroom. You will love that these dividers are super lightweight and easy to install onto any desktop in your classroom.

2. Sneeze Guards Acrylic Desk Divider Protection

Sneeze Guards Acrylic Desk Divider Protection

These dividers differ from the Frosted Acrylic Plexiglass dividers mainly because these sneeze guards are for larger tables. These sneeze guards are great desk divider panels for a larger table and have virtually no assembly required. Plus, these sneeze guards are a reliable option for your room to provide a personalized space where students can still see each other interact. They also allow kids to see each other, which is important when promoting staying connected in the classroom.

As a teacher, I love being able to have things in my classroom that are multi-purpose. With that said, have your students make their desk divider a new work surface. Have them take notes on their plexiglass divider with some dry erase markers for an innovative lesson. Have students do group assignments with those same markers on their dividers.

3. Classroom Privacy Shields for Student Desks

You will not find anything easier to set up than these corrugated plastic privacy shields from Earthables. While not as heavy-duty as the previously mentioned plexiglass dividers, these privacy shields are still high-quality and durable. These desk dividers measure 17.35 inches wide by 13.5 inches tall. The side flaps measure 14″ wide to ensure students have enough privacy and social distancing protection.

Because these dividers are translucent, they make a great option for testing as well as individual desk spaces. I love that these are so lightweight and can be easily folded up and stored somewhere in the classroom with ease. Plus, the translucent corrugation lends to preventing visual distractions.

4. Freestanding Clear Acrylic Desk Divider

You will not be disappointed with these freestanding clear acrylic desk dividers. The versatility provided with the hinged plexiglass allows these to fit into any space without hindering student interactions. Because staying connected in the midst of a pandemic is so important, you want to consider choosing these to keep your students safe in their space while still promoting social-emotional interactions.

Unlike the Classroom Privacy Shields, these desk dividers are heavier and are a bit more difficult to move around from place to place. Also, these are slightly more expensive than the foldable options mentioned previously.

5. Sneeze Guards for Desk/Table w/Adhesive Stands

Worried about your sneeze guards being blown right off the desk? Sneeze Guard from ZiART has thought of everything from preventing the distraction of falling dividers to the little mask-hanging notches in the corners. These come with adhesive holders to ensure minimal distraction from being knocked down or over. Your students will love coming back to school knowing that they will be safe and still interact with their fellow class members.

These are great for any desk space because they are easy to clean, removable, and less expensive than many other acrylic options. Plus, like the other options on the list, these are incredibly easy to clean.

6. Plastic Shield for Desk

When it comes to student safety and a budget, you cannot go wrong with these easy to disinfect desk dividers. With the look of a frame and a transparent window, these add a little bit of style as well as protection to your room. In addition, the durable corrugated frame and plastic windows will ensure that every student desk is set up to meet current health standards and protect students.

You won’t have any trouble moving these around from place to place because they are lightweight. Plus, you can’t be the price because they are inexpensive enough for each student desk to have one.

7. Really Good Stuff Standard Privacy Shields

colorful Standard Privacy Shields

If you want a privacy desk shield that is the most cost-effective, is easily replaceable, and provides a way to prevent visual distractions easily, then here are the perfect privacy shields for your classroom. Also, these privacy shields come in six different colors with visually pleasing swirl designs that will make your classroom design pop. Students will love the feeling of having their own individual workspaces and have a better chance of staying focused.

As mentioned previously, I love things in the classroom that can serve in more than one capacity. Just a tip should you choose these for your classroom; use these dividers to group students by color. Visually, these are an easy way to group students for whatever project or learning group they need to be placed.

8. Teacher Created Resources Confetti Classroom Privacy Screen

You will LOVE the bright and colorful classroom privacy screen. With high Amazon customer ratings, this beautiful desk divider will have your students excited to work at their desks every day. This desk divider panel measures 14″ L x 22″ W x 16″H, which allows your students complete privacy in their workspace.

These screens offer complete privacy from other students in the classroom because they are taller than any of the other privacy screen options on this list. The non-porous surface won’t hold onto harmful germs, and these are easily wipeable with any handy disinfectant wipe. Plus, these are easily removable and moveable and can be folded away for easy storage.

9. ReFocus Acoustic Rear Mount Desk Dividers

If you are searching for something to fit student tables that will provide privacy and absorb sound in your classroom, these are the perfect option for you. These panels block out visual distractions around the classroom and help control unwanted proverbial noise throughout a typical class. While these panels are significantly more expensive than a typical privacy panel or protection panel, they provide a different element to the classroom with reducing noise.

While sound privacy seems like a different or unnecessary thing in the classroom or for a desk, it can prove very useful. For example, the student who needs to practice reading aloud doesn’t necessarily want the whole class to hear them? These removable dividers are a great option.

10. VEVOR Desk Dividers

VEVOR Desk Dividers

These VEVOR desk dividers claim to reduce up to 85% of surrounding ambient noise within a space. If you are a teacher with a classroom full of kids, this sounds like a dream come true. These desk dividers are a perfect option for testing centers that need full privacy and noise reduction. Unlike the ReFocus sound blocking dividers listed above, these are larger and truly provide the feeling of being in ones’ own space.

While these do require a bit of installation, if you are running a testing center or a class geared toward intense development in any subject, these are a wonderful option. Plus, you will love the bright blue color that will make any environment seem cheery and bright.

Final Thoughts on Desk Dividers in Class

Depending on the specific demands of your classroom, we have provided this array of variable dividers to best serve your students and environment. If your prerogative keeps students safe from germs and wants kids to stay connected, opt for a clear plexiglass divider. However, if your purpose is to provide students with quiet, personal spaces they need to complete work and prevent visual distractions, your obvious choice is to choose something that limits being able to look at distractions.

Still not sure which divider to get for your classroom? Then have a look at the DIY Sneeze Guard explainer video below: Good luck!

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