Homeschooling has some advantages over public high schools. Homeschool curricula provide time for more focused courses on specific subjects such as STEM. A STEM homeschool curriculum can be a great way to develop relevant skills early to prepare for higher education. STEM education fosters passion and critical thinking and encourages real-world applications.

These homeschool courses are increasing in popularity. Students and parents worldwide notice all the benefits of choosing these career roles. Below are our top STEM homeschool curricula. If a curriculum is too complex and you want to include some STEM elements into your homeschooling program, look at STEM subscription boxes and toys. Now, let’s start with the first review.


EEME, or Electronic Engineer, Math Engineer, is an online educational resource that aims to make learning electronics easy and fun. This STEM course includes plenty of hands-on classes and experiments for children. Each subscription with EEME comes with a slew of helpful video lessons, and every month you receive a STEM subscription box with projects to complete. Each project builds upon skills that the student learned in the previous one. The student will learn new STEM skills as they go along, including all the necessary tools. You don’t need prior experience in these fields because each video lesson teaches your student everything they need.

Why you should consider them

  • All their experiments are safe and thorough.
  • Parents don’t need engineering expertise to set up projects.
  • Children will make cool stuff like buzzers, L.E.D.s, and alarm systems.
  • They use no contracts and offer full refunds if you’re not satisfied.

2. TeachEngineering

Teach engineering is a free online high school K-12th grade curriculum that fosters engineering students’ right STEM skills. This site features material from leading institutions and top educators worldwide, including the University of Colorado Boulder and Oregon State University. Since the courses are free, parents can find all the project material at home. This helps to keep the cost of homeschooling low. Each project features a detailed list of what you’ll need. While this resource doesn’t include every subject in STEM fields, it can be invaluable for growing their scientific skills.

Courses follow the engineering design process, where problem-solving solutions are guided, and the children have to answer, discover, and learn. Students ask questions, research the problem, imagine possible solutions, plan an idea, create and test a prototype, and improve their design. This process is proven to nurture any student’s ability to learn and innovate.

Why you should consider them

  • Different homeschool lesson plans for elementary, middle, and high school
  • Each lesson focuses on the educational standard of the state.

3. Codakid

This self-paced STEM online homeschool curriculum was built to teach children real and applicable coding skills. Codakid has many resources and tools that can turn anyone from a beginner to a coding expert. What we love about it is how easy it is to understand the material.

The STEM courses feature original programming languages such as Java for kids and Python and ensure your student stays up to date with up-and-coming trends. Students will learn to create their games, make mods for some of their favorites, and build a foundation for success in the programming field. There are tons of unique courses like web development, drone programming, and even coding for kids with game engine development.

Why you should consider them

  • Coding is a skill with almost limitless possibilities for job growth.
  • Codakid features both online home options as well as physical class centers
  • They feature modding activities and games your kid is likely to play, such as Roblox or Minecraft.
  • You can gift it to others.

4. Science4us

Science4us is an excellent homeschool curriculum for young kids in K-2nd grade to give them a scientific head start. They develop the essential STEM skills that will teach children how the world around them works, with programs including physical science, inquiry science, life science, and earth/space science and incorporating literacy and math. These courses are hands-on and provided by top-level educators, featuring thousands of individual classes and units.

Science4us is available as a part of the Time4learning online curriculum, including many other science-based courses. It makes the homeschooling experience comfortable with STEM activities at all levels.

Why you should consider them

  • They’ve won many awards and accolades.
  • Science4us requires students to grasp topics well before moving on to the next one.
  • This course benefits students compared to other students who haven’t used it.

5. Uzinggo

For middle and high school learners, Uzinggo helps students to develop real-world STEM skills with practical uses. Their math and science curriculum features video lessons and online labs to help parents who might not have a scientific background. Students can do each course on their paste, and it is interactive to make sure each STEM lesson sticks. Users of this resource enjoy its interesting experiments and thorough progress tracking. These courses include in-depth programs that feature educational techniques in algebra, physical science, geometry, and physics. This resource makes homeschool students WANT to learn, and for homeschooling, that’s a must.

Why you should consider them

  • All their labs are virtual, so you don’t need to worry about buying materials.
  • They feature teacher guides that will walk you through advanced STEM programs step by step.
  • Uzinggo offers lessons for almost every kind of science subject.

6. Fascinating Education

If you’re looking for upper-level science homeschool courses in an easy-to-understand way, you’ll enjoy the STEM tools from Fascinating Education. This online course presents physics, biology, anatomy, and more unique and creative ideas, with over 20 lessons each. If parents want their students to learn in exciting ways and discover why science is full of beautiful possibilities, the courses can be self-paced and plant the seeds of success. Lessons are also presented in a conversational tone, and the layout is simple enough to understand where everything is instant.

Why you should consider them

  • Their founder, Dr. Sheldon Marguiles, has taught over 2,500 medical studies.
  • They explain and demonstrate more challenging STEM subjects well and thoroughly.
  • Each lesson is full of relevant content.

7. Code

Coding for kids is a fun homeschool course with some great benefits. Code aims to bring everyone the best professional coding tools to make them successful. They teach STEM subjects to every student, focus on computer science and provide a thorough curriculum. Code also aims to bring diversity to the field, partnering with 180 high school districts, leading companies like Microsoft and Amazon, and over 50 million students who have already engaged with these services. For a taste of the action, check out the hour of code program, an hour-long coding tutorial featuring your kids’ favorite cartoon characters. The best part is, that everything is free to use forever for parents and children.

Why you should consider them

  • Code exceptionally widely used and well renowned.
  • They feature over 100,000 educators currently teaching.
  • Courses come with a vast catalog of entertainment.
  • They emphasize diversity and give opportunities to students of all backgrounds.

Why Homeschooling STEM Courses

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM careers are among the fastest-growing jobs in the world. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics have a place in almost every area of our lives, so career opportunities are both significant and very plentiful. Most jobs in this field are excellent opportunities that foster creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving to create tomorrow’s innovations. Individuals with STEM degrees often find themselves in high-paying jobs with plenty of options for growth.

Some critical skills are math, science, computer science, biology, physics, and engineering during STEM education. Piper Computer Kit offers a great D.I.Y. computer-building and learning experience. Since STEM careers feature such a diverse array of STEM subjects, almost every student will find something they excel at. Each field has high-demand jobs, and new opportunities arise frequently. Every course you’ll see will have relevance when your kid completes their STEM education, and they’ll have a massive advantage over the competition.

By homeschooling just a few hours per day, you’re guaranteeing a bright and prosperous future for your child and helping their creativity and ingenuity shine through in all areas. While teaching with STEM homeschool curricula, you’ll learn tons of exciting things about how the wonders of STEM are changing the world today and tomorrow.