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12 STEM Subscription Boxes for Kids in 2023

STEM subscription boxes and toys provide a fun and engaging break from online learning. Every month, families can receive a box of innovative learning activities for the next generation’s engineers, programmers, and mathematicians. Kids can do anything from puzzles and brain-teasers to model building; there are numerous enjoyable exercises and subjects to discover.

Top 12 STEM Subscription Boxes Reviewed

1. Generation Genius

As a father who’s always looking for educational and engaging activities to keep my kids entertained, I was thrilled to discover Generation Genius science kits. These science kits are the perfect solution for any parent who wants to give their children hands-on science education at home.

First of all, I have to say that the quality of these kits is outstanding. Each kit comes with all the materials you need to conduct three exciting and visually stunning experiments. Plus, the materials are all high-quality and durable, so you can be confident that they won’t fall apart during the experiment.

But what really sets Generation Genius science kits apart is the exclusive access to step-by-step videos hosted by Dr. Jeff. He’s an amazing science educator who has been teaching science to kids for over a decade, and he really knows how to make science fun and engaging for kids.

In the videos, Dr. Jeff walks your kids through each experiment step-by-step, explaining the scientific concepts behind each one in a way that’s easy for kids to understand. My kids were absolutely fascinated by his explanations and loved watching him demonstrate each experiment.

What’s more, the experiments are completely mess-free and never involve fire or sparks, so you can feel confident that your kids are safe while they’re learning. And because the experiments are so engaging and fun, my kids wanted to do them over and over again!

I also really appreciate the affordability and convenience of the subscription-based service. With a new science kit delivered to your doorstep every month, you can keep the science fun going all year round without breaking the bank.

Overall, I can’t recommend Generation Genius science kits enough. They’re a fantastic way to inspire your kids to love science and pursue a career in STEM. So if you’re looking for an educational and engaging activity that your kids will love, give Generation Genius science kits a try!

2. Green Kid Craft

Green Kid Crafts is my second favorite subscription box on this list that is as much STEAM as STEM. If your children are interested in the arts and science experiments, this box may be the one to get, as they would benefit from projects that connect the two.

If you want to instill in your children the importance of sustainability and environmental awareness early on, this is also the box. Each subscription comes with up to eight projects and a 12-page magazine dedicated to each month’s theme. Not only are lessons and projects created to teach earth-friendliness, but the supplies provided are also made from carbon-neutral and recycled materials.

Also, every box purchased plants a tree, so you will practice sustainability just as you encourage and teach it to your child. You get a lot of value for the price, so don’t overlook this STEM subscription.

3. Creation Crate

Next on the list is the Creation Crate. The essentials of hardware and software programming are the main takeaways from this STEM subscription box. The crate adequately caters to beginners and experienced kids alike. This box encourages parents and kids to work together to construct and command various electronics.

Children who receive Creation Crates undoubtedly sharpen their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The system is structured to become more challenging over time, with each month’s lesson building upon the last. Kids can absorb the fundamentals of electronics-based skills (science, circuitry, engineering, coding, etc.) while having the space to challenge themselves.

Creation Crates also has an online component so kids can access even more projects and video tutorials for every course.

4. KiwiCo

KiwiCo is a subscription box designed for ages 5 to 8 years old. This box was created by teachers, and professionals in art, child psychology, and science, who were brought in to reassure that your kids are properly engaged in learning.

Each box includes imaginative play toys, art activities, and science experiments. It has three activities with all of the instructions and an educational magazine. If you finish all three of the projects before it’s time for the next subscription, the magazine includes puzzles, comics, connect the dots, and more activities to do on paper.

Due to the age group, most projects can’t be independently done and need parental assistance, but they only take about 20 minutes to complete. Kiwi Crates is a branch of the Kiwi Crate Company that creates crates or subscription boxes for kids of all ages.

Once they turn nine and outgrow the Kiwi Crate projects, they can move on to the next crate, the Doodle Crate or Tinker Crate. Tinker Crate is a Science and Engineering subscription, while Doodle focuses on Art and Design.

5. Beautiful Discovery

As STEAM as it is STEM, the Beautiful Discovery subscription box focuses on patterns applied to nature. The kit is designed to teach your child to spot naturally occurring configurations. This is a wonderful way to stimulate your child’s interest in art and science, as they are given coding and modeling projects made to incorporate both.

Some examples of box exercises include: Identifying the patterns in shells, leaves, and more (included in the boxes); decoding the patterns of lizard scales; modeling spirals with code; reading eco-stories and allowing them to decode patterns in the ecosystems described; building origami models based on the month’s themes.

If your kids enjoy discovering the art and science inside the outside world, this is their subscription box.

6. Groovy Lab in a Box

Through hands-on and web-based learning, the Groovy Lab in a Box is a monthly subscription box that gives you and your STEM child everything they need to complete up to five projects a month. With Groovy Lab, Kids receive a lab notebook for the month’s theme. It provides them with the engineering fundamentals they will need to progress and a place to detail the conclusions of their investigations.

As they navigate each activity and experiment, they can access the online portal, “Beyond…in a Box,” which includes videos and interactive exercises to understand the month’s topic. With this two-pronged learning system, each Groovy Lab box profoundly impacts your child. To top it off, you can have them complete the Engineering Design Challenge with each box, encouraging your child to think critically and use what they have learned in a less controlled fashion.

7. Spangler Science Club

This may be the best science subscription box you could get for your child in, the Spangler Science Club box. They pride themselves on creating researched and tested in-home laboratory projects. Quantity is as vital as quality here; each box comes with up to ten experiments for your child to work on.

Spread out every month; your kid will always have something to do. There are two boxes currently available, the STEMlab and STEMdeluxe. The STEMlab is already a formidable kit that offers exciting and thought-provoking exercises. The STEMdeluxe, however, offers upgradable STEM activities that can be used in school for science projects. Since the Spangler kits can be used for traditional schoolwork, kids and parents will receive excellent value.

8. Black Girl MATHgic

Black Girl MATHgic encourages black girls, often underrepresented in STEM fields, to embrace their love for mathematics. Boxes come with a math activity booklet, a Caring Adult Guide, and three to five items related to the month’s chosen theme.

In-house mathematicians and scientists test activities, themes, and STEM activities focused on real-world, introductory lessons that fortify young STEM girls for their future in mathematics. The lessons are designed to condition their skills and build confidence in them.

Another essential feature of this subscription box is the monthly profile of a black woman in STEM, which encourages girls to reach for the stars. If your STEM child could use some positive affirmation in multiple ways, buying the Black Girl MATHgic box is a great step in the right direction.

9. BitsBox

Technology and creativity collide with the Bitsbox. This monthly STEM subscription box is made to teach your kids ages 6-12 about the building blocks of age-appropriate computer science, emphasizing apps. Your kids will enjoy the colorful coding projects from the physical kits and the detailed lessons from Bitsbox’s web component.

First, kids learn simple coding language and apply it to various projects. Each Bitsbox builds on the knowledge gained from the last one, so kids can start them without any prior coding experience. Some projects include simulations, greeting cards, and even video games.

The Bitsbox website allows your up-and-coming programmers to build workable phone apps. In short, this is yet another excellent option for your STEM child. Piper Computer Kit is another great D.I.Y. computer-building kit. Kids ages 6 can build a real computer with a real Raspberry Pi.

10. Club SciKidz

While matching its peers in quality, the Club SciKidz monthly subscription box sets itself apart from career-themed boxes. Every month focuses on a different science career, from oceanography to astronomy to robotics and other industries. Your child will have the opportunity to try on a different career hat to see which one fits best.

This is also great for kids with various interests they’d like to explore. Each lab kit is filled with STEM-related activities designed for the month’s theme. A lab notebook with detailed project instructions is included. Kids can record their findings, untangle riddles, and discover current scientists within the corresponding career field.

11. GoBox

Do you have a kid who is obsessed with remote-controlled cars and robots? Get them a monthly subscription to GoBox, a STEM box dedicated to making and programming robots. All four subjects—science, technology, engineering, and math—are encouraged here as your kid constructs their bot step by step.

No prior experience in programming is necessary, just your kid’s desire to learn. You get a major buck because each box’s contents exceed a month’s worth of STEM projects. Your child receives a list of missions to complete to construct their bot. They must also complete tasks with their robot, practice programming commands, and appreciate the trial-and-error process. This subscription box would be precious for a child toward a robotics career.

12. Girls-That-Make

Another excellent, girl-focused STEM box comes from Girls-That-Make. Lesson difficulty progresses as your child progresses, each box’s content building on the previous one. Girls learn and retain the skills taught every month, increasing their competency and confidence.

A trademark of Girls-That-Make is that exercises produce wearable tech for the child. Girls can create totes, hats, or bracelets while educating themselves about electronics, circuitry, and programming with the proper organizing instructions. If you have daughters who love science experiments, tech, and cute accessories, think about adding this monthly subscription box to their at-home learning routine.

Good Reasons for STEM Subscription Boxes

Teaching students STEM can lead to many benefits now and later in life. Here are some of the most prominent ways in which early education affects:

Prepares students for the future job market

There is no denying that this world is continually advancing, and with it, so is the job market. More and more jobs are being created in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Introducing your children to STEM early can ensure they get ahead for jobs within these industries. Students can learn how to program and build a computer with the Piper computer kit, which gives a great basic understanding of the computer and programming world.

Helps students excel in other subjects

The STEM curriculum increases problem-solving, organization, and creative and critical thinking skills. Even literary skills and language development improve. All of these skills will be essential as your child grows and begins to focus on learning other subjects. The curriculum can enhance their abilities in other issues by applying their methods and problem-solving skills in every learning area.

Encourages independent learning

While learning in these disciplines, students will adapt to discovering and figuring things out independently. STEM teaches children how to actively research data, make their own decisions to figure things out, take their initiative, be curious about their findings, and even be excited when they discover things on their own.

Encourages teamwork

Although STEM encourages independent learning, it teaches students how to work together. Students come together by using their knowledge and sharing it to solve various problems and discover different findings. Because listening to each other and working together is important in these subjects, it’s tough to avoid, so the students are automatically learning to value the opinions of others and to communicate their views effectively to others.

 Makes learning fun

If your child loses interest, you will have difficulty keeping them engaged. It allows students to become more creative and work independently, creating excitement about learning even in their other homeschool subjects.

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