Organizing a classroom is a must to ensure that students get what they need when they need it – but it’s not always easy. Classroom mailboxes are a handy way to ensure that students have their new homework, papers, mail, supplies, and whatever else they need. Personal file folders in the student mailboxes are a great way to share private messages.

Best Mailboxes for the Classroom at a Glance

  1. Classroom Keepers MailboxOur Choice
  2. Safco Wood Adjustable Literature OrganizerWooden Organizer
  3. AdirOffice Wooden Literature Storage OrganizerBest Looking Student Mailbox
  4. Hippo Creations Hanging Wall File OrganizerWall Student Mailbox
  5. Seville Classics Stacking 10 Slot TrayBest Wire Organizer

Overall, these picks have different features, but they have one thing in common: They will help a new or seasoned teacher stay organized.

You may want to pick based on durability – you plan on loading those up once a year – or you may want to pick purely based on color – your classroom has a theme after all. No matter what you choose, it is clear that proper mailboxes are ideal organizational solutions for any classroom, new or old.

We found the best mailbox organizers for your classroom, so you don’t have to – after all, you’re busy enough. No matter which of the new student mailboxes you choose, your students – and your sanity – will thank you!

Our Top 5 of the Best Classroom Mailboxes

Below are our top picks for the best new mailboxes for your classroom. These are all good options to store your mail, supplies, paper, and more, both as a teacher and for your classroom. They can be traditional boxes or cubbies, come in several colors, and so much more.

1. Most Popular: Student Mailboxes


best classroom mailbox

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This mailbox is Amazon’s Choice and a good student mailbox for your classroom. There are different sizes to choose from, but its cardboard construction for the boxes doesn’t hold up to heavy paper loads.

The Classroom Keepers Mailbox by PACON comes in 10, 15, and 30 slot options and sits on top of a table or other surfaces, so you can easily move it around to meet your needs, even if they are brand new. Its size varies based on the number of slots, but overall it is a great solution to help your classroom get organized. You can put paper, mail, supplies, and other mail items in the mailboxes.

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The Classroom Keepers Mailbox is made of recycled cardboard material, and each compartment is sturdy and contains tabs on each slot that you can label with your students’ names.

The mailboxes come in the color of your choice and different sizes to meet your needs and will help you organize mail, handouts, assignments, file folders, and more. You can even color-code it by the student to keep it even more organized!

It is easy to assemble; however, if you plan to put a lot of mail in the file folders, it may begin to sag as it is made of cardboard. If that is the case, it won’t feel new for long, and its color may fade. Depending on how you plan to use it, especially if it’s for mail only, this is a great classroom mailbox and one of the most popular out there.

2. Best Wooden Organizer: Safco Wood Adjustable Classroom Mailbox

Wooden Organizer for Classroom


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This is a solid, good customizable option for your classroom. With adjustable boxes, trays, and baskets paired with multiple sizes and color options, you will be a highly organized teacher no matter what grade you teach.

The Safco Adjustable Literature Organizer comes in 12, 16, and 24 compartments and can come in cherry, white, and medium oak color finishes. This is a great sorter with trays for your classroom with lovely color, helping you store your student mail, paper, supplies, and whatever else you need conveniently in labeled baskets.

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Inside, it is easy to customize; you can reconfigure the setup to meet your new needs daily if you’d like. Each shelf can fit up to 15 pounds, and it’s built to last with a fiberboard frame and hardboard shelves inside. It is easy to put together, but you will need a hammer to help with the trays.

This will sit on any table, inside any room, and is ready to help keep your classroom organized and your student information and mail safe and secure in the baskets.

It doesn’t have labels, but you can easily affix a sticker or other type of name label to make sure your student knows which slot is for them.

Overall, it will be one of the sturdiest options out there to help store your student mail and other important documentation. It is a great natural color selection to fit any classroom.

3. AdirOffice Wooden Classroom Mailbox

Literature Storage Organizer

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We think, this mailbox is one of the most attractive mailboxes on the list, and it is good for mail, paper, and other supplies. With different sizes and colors to choose from, you will have an attractive organizational solution for whatever space.

The AdirOffice Literature Storage Organizer is ready for classroom papers with its heavy-duty construction that is long-lasting and eco-friendly. You can choose from 12, 16, 24, and 36 trays and colors (black, white, and brown).

The cubbies feature a label tag that hangs down to help you organize without inhibiting your ability to slide mail, papers, file folders, and other supplies into the cubbies.

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It looks very sleek and sits comfortably on most surfaces without taking too much space. When fully constructed, it weighs 25 pounds, so make sure that whatever surface you’re putting it on needs to be able to support that weight, including any mail you put in the cubbies for your students.

One cool thing is that the units are adjustable, so it lets you customize this mailbox setup. Because of this, the shelves can be a little bit looser, but all you need to do is add a few additional screws, and you will have the sturdiest of mailboxes ready for you to put all your mail in. Still, even with any additional steps, it is straightforward to assemble and quickly ready, so you can start using it for all your mail organization needs, all in one place.

4. Best Wall Mailbox: Hippo Creations Hanging Wall File Folders

Heavy Duty Storage Pocket Chart

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This organizer is perfect for the classroom, short on space for all your mail needs. It is strong, hangs over all standard doors, and can fit many files, paper, and other supplies, which is good for all school needs.

The Hippo Creations Hanging Wall File Organizer is a fantastic budget hanging mailbox on the market for your organizing needs. It comes in the color black, with options for 5 or 10 pockets with cubbies to put in name tags. It has three over-the-door hangers so that it can fit snugly against the door, helping you keep your students’ files organized.

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This mailbox is made of durable nylon and can hold up to 300 sheets of paper. The pockets are large enough to fit standard-size file folders, and with the door providing good support, it is a sturdy solution. And, unlike another organizer, this is machine washable. If any sticky hands leave a mess, all you need to do is pop it in the wash!

Now, if your students are younger, you will need to make sure to reach their pockets. That is one downside of using these over-the-door organizers in your room.

If you don’t have a lot of counter space in your room, this is a great alternative to help you keep your classroom free of clutter and your mail in the right spots.

5. Best Wire Organizer: Seville Classics Stacking Student Mailboxes


Stacking File Organizer

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This wire design may not be anything special to look at, but its deep cubbies and stackable design make it an amazing wire organizer with trays. It not only fits your student mailboxes and all mail needs – but it also fits the budget!

The Seville Classics Stacking 10 Slot Tray is simple, featuring wire cubbies. There are tabs so you can label for your students, and it’s great for smaller class sizes or smaller rooms. The open design helps you easily scan what papers and mail have been left in the trays or what papers you have to collect.

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The rubber feet on the bottom of the tray will prevent surface scratches, with the industrial-strength steel wire providing increased stability for heavier items. The chrome color gives a sleek finish to your classroom organization.

This is stackable, letting you build and customize to meet your needs as your classroom grows. And bonus, it is fast and easy to put together. The slots are large and can fit more than 500 sheets of paper or chrome books – whatever you, your classroom, and your school needs!

Buying guide

Not all classroom mailboxes are created equally, and there are different features you should be looking out for! You can get trays and baskets to hold your mail, but no matter what grade you are in, the improved organization will promote learning. Here’s what you should be looking for before you purchase a mailbox for your classroom.


The materials the item is made of making a huge difference in your classroom. Cardboard may be more cost-efficient, but it may not be as sturdy. Plastic can be more stable, but not everyone likes the look of it.

Are you looking for a pocket? Then you may want fabric, but if you stuff too much learning mail in there, it may rip. There are also wire, wood shelves, trays and baskets, and other options, but be careful when you place them on surfaces because they could scratch.

The materials make a difference in the boxes’ sturdiness, whatever you pick, so be careful!


Depending on the type, they come in different colors and finishes. It doesn’t impact how it holds your mail, but it affects your classroom’s look and feel!

There are typical finishes like oak, cherry, and espresso. Or, you could have the chrome finish, colored plastic or cardboard, or more. The color varies, so make sure you think about how it will fit into your classroom.


The boxes and cubbies come in different sizes, with multiple slot variations to meet your needs, no matter the number of kids in your classroom. Be sure to have enough slots for each student as they will need to collect their mail and other supplies.


Do you want the freedom to rearrange the boxes to meet your unique needs? Do you have ideas based on something you saw on another platform or classroom? Many boxes can be moved around to create a custom setup based on the teacher using the item. If this is something you need, you will want to keep an eye out for boxes that specify this.

Weight Limit

Do you plan on giving mail and other supplies out frequently? Or will it be a massive distribution quarterly or sporadically throughout the year?

Good boxes have a high weight limit, often holding a range of 300 to 500 pages or up to 25 pounds or more. It can fit all paper, mail, and supplies that your kids may need with high weight limits. Just keep in mind where you will place it – a desk may not be strong enough for the heaviest trays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Classroom mailboxes are good for storage, help you organize, and are great products for kids to add structure to how they communicate and promote increased learning. Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you understand why these organization products are the ones for you.

Why do I need trays in my room?

Trays or baskets can help a teacher stay organized on their desk, keeping all their paper, mail, and other supplies in one location – and not just stacked on a desk. This is good for both the teacher and the kid, as they know where to find everything when they need it, no matter the grade.

These are good products for new teachers and long-standing teachers and will look great in any classroom. You will need to choose what kind of boxes you’d like – trays, baskets, or some other type of storage.

What should I look for in mailboxes?

It depends on what you need! A couple of good features to keep in mind when looking at a product are how many boxes are in the item, the materials, what color it is, and what you will be using it for. Larger boxes can hold various supplies, while smaller ones are better suited for paper, mail, and other smaller, light items.

It can also fit on a small desk, while larger trays are better for the more intense organization or larger classrooms. This could vary by the grade you are teaching, and a teacher should identify what they are looking to solve for and pick accordingly.

What should I store in mailboxes?

Anything! Bigger ones can hold supplies, while smaller ones are better for mail. It can be for a teacher to hold common classroom items like paper, mail, pencils, and sharpeners, or it can be for a student to help them take home their mail, homework, and other items with an added layer of privacy. You can even have different ones that you can color code for different purposes.