A bed is not a place to learn; therefore, exclude this option right away and opt for a college desk or workstation that suits your study needs. For me, it is essential to keep my study space clean and organized. If my desk is tidy, so is my brain and my concentration too. If you are like me, read the three tips below on how to organize your desk in college.

3 Simple Tricks to Organize Your Desk

1. Organize Your Drawer Decluttering

The way I keep my drawers tidy is simple. I use storage bins with several different compartments. This way, I can separate my pens, highlighters, sticky notes, paper clips, and all other little things that usually fly around on my desk.

2. Hang Everything

Everything which is not on your desk can not make your desk messy. So why not hanging everything to organize your college desk? Free up desk space and hang file baskets, documents, pen cups. You will notice how much more room you will have to study.

3. Avoid Distractions on Your Desk

I usually take a break every hour. To not distract me from studying thoroughly, I often stay at my desk, close my eyes, watch a short clip on YouTube, or meditate while sitting on my office chair. By staying at my desk, I avoid the chance to distract myself entirely from my work. I tried it before and went out for a walk, cooked a meal, called a friend. I found it very hard to get back into the studying mood. If you share your room with someone, get a noise-canceling desk divider.

Please let us know how you organize your desk in the comments below.