When you begin studying for the LSAT, you will probably seek out an LSAT prep program. There are many programs available, both online and through book stores. You will want a comprehensive program covering every aspect of the LSAT to ensure you have adequate preparation. As a comprehensive LSAT prep program, LSATMax online course comes with a fee. So, how much is LSATMax?

LSATMax cost

LSATMax Packages

LSATMax’s price depends on which package you purchase. The cost ranges from $595 to $1,495 for a program and an additional charge if you would like private tutoring from instructors.

LSATMax 365

The first package available is LSATMax 365. If your target scores are mid 160s to 180, you will want this package, and it is ideal for students who are planning to take the LSAT in six months to a year.

Package Resources

This package allows you to access all resources for 365 days. It gives you one hour of free private tutoring, access to 90 prep tests, and an LSAT Prep Plus Membership. To support you, LSAT includes weekly office hours, message board access, instructor support, and 100+ hours of whiteboard video lessons. You will also receive detailed analytics so you can ensure you are studying your weakest areas. The final resource you will acquire is four hardcopy texts books for easy note-taking and learning wherever you go. To gain all these resources, it will cost $1,495 and is the best value.

LSATMax 180

Another package available for purchase is the LSATMAX 180. You receive all the same resources as the first package but only have access for 180 days, roughly six months. For $995, you can purchase the LSATMax 180. It is the most popular package. If your target score is below 165, the LSATMax 180 package is the right choice for you. If you have a shorter time frame to prepare for the LSAT, this package is for you.

LSATMax 60

The final package available is LSATMax 60. This package offers all of the resources from the previous packages but is only available for 60 days. It is ideal for students crunching before the LSAT and who have a target score of 165 or lower. This package costs $595.

High Score Guarantee

Offered with the LSATMax 365 and 180 is a high score guarantee. The LSATMax 60 package does not come with a score guarantee. If your LSAT score does not increase after using it, you will get a refund of your cost. It is not a total refund as there are some fees it gets charged. For example, if you purchase the Apple App version, you forfeit the Apple 30% commission fee.


LSATMax also offers private tutoring for an additional cost. It is roughly $235 an hour with discounts when purchasing more hours. For example, if you buy 30 hours of tutoring for $6,495, you will pay $216 an hour. Twenty hours of tutoring costs $4,495, and 10 hours of tutoring costs $2,295.

Tutoring and a Package

They offer five packages that combine tutoring and the program ranging from $1,895 for 5 hours of private tutoring to $10,995 for 50 hours of private tutoring. These packages also have LSATMax 365 course access.