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Text Features Scavenger Hunt – Free Template

Helping our students practice and understand different text features is a key part of imparting reading comprehension. Interactive learning is effective at helping kids retain information and understand concepts better.  One way to make a non-fictional text more exciting is a scavenger hunt. Below you will find a free text features scavenger hunt template. You will also find some ideas of how to set up a fun scavenger hunt in the classroom.

How to Set Up the Text Features Scavenger Hunt

Before you begin your text features scavenger hunt, make sure that your students have a basic understanding of what a text element is and how to find them.

There are tons of free text features resources available online that help teachers create group text features activities for their classroom that give students a quality resource to understand how the element can help understand.

There are free hunts available online and can be used for a wide range of different nonfiction books. You can also use the free text features scavenger hunt template below. Fill out the text features before the lesson to focus on finding them in the text or let the students do a quick revision of the type of text features they know. Once your students know the different features, you can develop the hunt to make it more fun.

text features scavenger hunt templateYou can use this template to assist your students to find and understand different text features within a given book. This achieves the goal of helping kids learn to identify different features but is interactive and fun, making it feel less like learning.

Why Do A Hunt in the First Place?

Since text features are such an important part of reading comprehension, you want to ensure that you provide resources, answer questions, and create student lessons that help them identify text features. A text features scavenger hunt is a unique way to teach your kids about text features. It makes it easier for them to understand their text assignments and gets more out of a nonfiction book. The ability to find information in all elements of nonfiction writing is key to understanding and retention.

How to Find Teaching Resources

A simple internet search will provide teachers with tons of free activity plans that can assist you in creating a solid lesson plan, element board, or group activity for your classroom. These resources help to give the student the time to understand what they see on the page.

Using a scavenger hunt is a great way to prime kids to understand better what they read in the future.

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