Everyone has their style, but when it comes to professions, specific dress codes need to be followed. Big companies often have strict dress codes or at least a definite and clear one that employees can follow. However, it might be more complicated and challenging for people who work in a free work environment.

A good example is a tutor. Tutors are still teachers; they are just not teaching in regular schools. The work environments of tutors are offices, tutorial centers, and houses. So, with the workplace being different from that of a traditional school’s teacher, one might get confused as to which tutor clothing is appropriate and which is not.

Why is it essential to dress accordingly, and is it vital to do so?

Before we tackle the tutor clothing articles, let’s first expound on the importance of dressing accordingly. Following the dress code is nowhere near discriminating against genders or races, as some might argue. How one dresses is an extension of their personality, and that amplifies if you’re employed in a company. It’s essential to dress accordingly because what you wear and how you wear them say a great deal about who you are and the company you are representing. So, yes, it is only imperative that you dress well.

With the outbreak of Covis-19, especially tutors who are tutoring close to their students in one-on-one sessions should consider wearing a face mask. The online market is filled with stylish masks that suit any outfit.

Now that we’ve settled that let’s move on to what tutors should and should not wear when teaching.


Do Go for Smart Casual

As a tutor, you want your student to be relaxed in your company as you are not in a strict environment, but you still want to give them the impression that you are the authority, hence, the smart casual attire. Smart casual means that you dress with formal clothing articles with a mix of casual ones. An ideal smart-casual look for tutors could be denim with a polo shirt for men. Tutor clothing for women could be denim with cardigans or light blazers.

Do Wear Bright Colors

This is not to say that you shouldn’t wear dark-colored clothes. However, being a tutor means that you handle younger students that need help with their studies. If that’s the case, bright or pastel colors would be ideal. These shades give off a friendly vibe that students like.

Do Be Comfortable

Yes, it would help if you still looked respectable, but you still need to be comfortable with what you’re wearing. Tutoring is usually a one-on-one job that takes hours. You don’t want to be massaging your feet after three hours because of the high heels or comfortable shoes you opted to wear. Sneakers can be acceptable in most cases, while flats are allowed for female tutors.


Do Not Wear Anything Revealing

This is pretty much common sense. You are giving knowledge and assisting with children’s education. Please do not wear anything that you wouldn’t want your child to see their teachers wearing. Short shorts, open backs, a custom t-shirt with inappropriate language printed on it, and such are not ideal – at all.

Do Not Wear Too Formal Clothes

Like we already established, we are going for smart casual. Tutoring isn’t like any other business transaction. Suits and long cocktail dresses may seem to be extreme choices.

Do Not Wear Flip-Flops

Yes, you have to be comfortable, but flip-flops are just not right. You are not visiting a friend, even if you are tutoring in houses. It’s still a professional job, only in an unconventional workplace sometimes.


The most important thing to remember is to make sure that you are presentable. Being presentable doesn’t mean wearing fancy or expensive tutor clothing and bags– it means wearing appropriate ones, so give the tips above a go-to look your best.